How is Gum Disease Treated?

Gum disease is treated by carefully removing the bacteria and substances that form in the pockets around the teeth. The removal of this material occurs on a microscopic level and requires great skill. Our  has had advanced training regarding how to effectively remove the offending bacteria.

This process of removing the bacteria sometimes requires more than one visit to our practice. Once the bacteria has been removed, the pockets must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis by a dental hygienist. Otherwise, the bacteria will return.

Keeping your teeth for life requires careful home care plus regular dental monitoring and preventive care. The is not simply a cleaner of teeth, but a personal health coach and educator, helping our patients stay healthy and get the longest service out of the great restorative treatments we deliver.

Provide knowledge to enable you to recognise changes in your own gum health and to have the best methods of home care.

Gums make up the framework for smiles and as we are in the business of creating and maintaining great smiles, we emphasise the necessity of gum maintenance in order to preserve the durability and beauty of your smile.

The is available to offer home care advice and recommended products, cleaning, tooth whitening and preventive treatments.

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