What is a Dental Hygienist?

Dental Hygienist is a health professional who has graduated from an accredited school of dental hygiene, and who, through clinical services, patient education and evaluation seek to prevent oral disease, provide treatment for existing disease and assist people in maintaining an optimum level of oral health.

Whether your teeth are heavily filled, or have had no fillings at all, in order to keep them healthy for life and minimise the need for restorative work it is imperative to look after the supporting gums and bone. Many otherwise healthy teeth are lost through gum disease because the health of the supporting structures is overlooked.

Ignoring this aspect of your oral health is like building a beautiful home on sinking sand. Our Hygienist is trained and experienced specifically in this area. She develops a personalised oral hygiene problem to advise, inform, monitor and treat gum disease and make you an expert in the care of your mouth to reduce the chance of tooth decay, gingivitis and bone loss around your teeth.

Our Hygienists will:
Remove all the unwanted plaque and calculus (tartar) and rough overhanging filling edges, from the tooth and root surfaces.
Record your tissue status by accurately measuring the degree of the gum tissue attachment and bone loss around each tooth, so we can compare from visit to visit and see how well you are doing.
Provide you with smooth polished surfaces that feel good, look better and are easier to maintain.
Provide you with a programme to enhance ongoing dental health.
Whiten your teeth by either in the chair (which takes 1 hour) or give you a take home kit to do yourself
Treat and help you prevent gum disease

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